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June 25, 2021

The Kanata Dragons have now setup out field layout for the summer.  Each field will be divided into either quadrants or into 3 sections for the older groups.  This will allow for plenty of space for the teams to play.

See the links below for the complete details.

Under 3, Under 4/5

Under 6/7

Under 8/9/10

As well, please ensure you read the Parents Guide as it has lots of helpful information in it.

2021 Parents Guide

COVID Restrictions


1.  We officially start next week June 28th, 29th and 30th.  U6/7 - Monday, U3 & U4/5 - Tuesday, U8/9/10 - Wednesday

2.  All sessions are at 6pm.  The duration is 1 hour long (U3's generally don't last the whole hour).  We play rain or shine.  Only time we cancel is during thunder and lightening.  Parents can make their own decisions whether to show up for inclement weather or not.

3.  Cleats are not required for any age group.  This is fun soccer and running shoes are completely fine.  Shin pads should be worn for any sessions (U6/7 and U8/9/10) where the kids will be scrimmaging.  This will not be permitted in week 1 due to COVID restrictions.

4.  Field location maps can be found here:  Ensure you use the drop down menu to find your field name.

5.  If you have not received a uniform yet, please email us with the approximate size your child wears so we can ensure we bring the right size to the field.  Please include the field name and team colour in your email.  For all new registrants, we will also be bringing balls to the field.  

6.  COVID restrictions - the document is currently being reviewed by the board and will be sent out later today.  Children are not required to wear masks.  

7.  Snacks for this year should be prepackaged due to COVID.  Unfortunately we cannot be bringing anything that is open for possible contamination.  It is team choice to rotate snack requirements but please try and make them healthy.




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